Become Esperanza

You are an artist producing Deep House, Lounge or similar and looking for a way to get your music heard? Then you should consider to become Esperanza! Just send us a sample of your work at

What we offer:

We will get your music published on all major platforms, including Beatport, Spotify, Youtube, Amazon, Apple Music and many more. We will anounce and advertise your releases through our channels on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We are well connected in the communities of ME/CFS patients, families and researchers.

What it means to “become Esperanza”:

Esperanza is spanish for “hope”. ME/CFS patients do not only suffer from the desease itself, but also from the fact that it is barely researched and often not recognized. Therefore, the hope for a cure or at least a reliable treatment lies in funding research and spreading awareness for the disease. Esperanza Records is doing this by donating all of our income to the Open Medicine Foundation and mixing our music publicity with ME/CFS awareness activities. By releasing your music through Esperanza Records you can give hope to millions of patients and their families.

Okay, but what does that mean?

It means that your publications with Esperanza Records are for charity. We will sell your songs on all major platforms but you will not receive any money. The rights for the songs you publish with us will lie with us and you will not be able to use these songs for commercial purposes outside of Esperanza Records. We will not, however, oblige you to any future commitments with Esperanza Records. You can decide to donate one song, take advantage of our channels and look for different ways to publish other songs afterwards.

What else you need to know:

Send us a sample of your work at Please do not send us a full song, just a snippet between 30-60 seconds should be enough. We will evaluate if your music meets our style and our production standards and will definitely get back to you. If you are a bedroom producer you are more than welcome to send us your work, although we might recommend a professional mastering for your productions.

That is about it. If the idea to donate your music sounds like the good deed you want to do today, don’t hesitate and contact us!

Martin & Michael

Music dedicated to ME/CFS research